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Mini Loader Attachments

Log Splitter Attachment suit Mini Loader

The days of needing to rent or buy an array of different machines for a job are long gone with the advent of the mini loader. This simple yet versatile machine allows users to swap between a multitude of attachments to complete a wide range of tasks. From digging holes to mixing cement, the mini loader just about does every job needed on site.


What are mini loaders used for?


Mini loaders are perfect for jobs in the backyard. This is because the tight squeeze between gates and garages often means that over-sized diggers would struggle to fit through. They are also very suitable for smaller jobs in general as hiring a giant digger machine is often only necessary for large scale, commercial jobs.


Have multiple jobs to get done?


The best part about mini loaders is the wide range of interchangeable digger attachments that are available. If you have plenty of tasks to complete such as digging holes, pulling up old pavers, mixing cement, and carrying heavy items, the mini loader can help with it all – and more!


A Range of mini loader attachments available


The range of attachments that Mini Digger WA has on offer is quite extensive. No longer do you need different machines for one big job, just different attachments for the one machine. Some of the attachments we have available include;


  • Brick Fork Attachment

This attachment is able to carry up to a leaf of bricks. It attaches to all mini loaders that house a universal hitch plate.


  • Log Splitter Attachment

With 22T of force, this can carry items horizontally or vertically. The powerful cylinder is controlled by a single, easy-to-use lever and can handle lengths up to 24”.


  • Log Grapple

Able to rotate manually, this attachment has self-centring jaws to make grappling as easy as possible.


  • Cement Mixer Bowl

Provides the ability to mix up to 70L of concrete at a time. Can also be used to mix mulch, animal feed and fertiliser.


If you would like to browse the rest of our wide range of mini loader attachments, visit our website.


As well as this, Mini Digger WA has multiple different mini loader buckets that help with a wide range of different tasks. The Mini Grapple Bucket, for example, is perfect for clearing large, dense piles of trees and shrubs.


Why choose Mini Digger?


Find the attachments you need for your mini loader today. Mini Digger WA will provide you with the exact attachment you need, all for a fair price. For more information on mini loader attachments, contact us today on info@minidiggerwa.com.au, call on 08 6162 1213 or visit our website.

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