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Are You Buying A Mini Digger: New Or Used?


If you need to conduct excavation work during a project, you’ll likely need the services of a mini digger or mini excavator. So, what should you do? Buy one brand new or choose a used one instead? Reliable machinery is crucial to the success of any project. Whether you will buy a new or used mini excavator, the equipment must be reliable and capable of completing the job.


Deciding between new or used machinery will likely come down to three factors: budget, project scope, and the required machine functionality.


Read on to learn more about what to consider when deciding between buying a new or used mini digger or mini excavator.



Buying a new machine will be more expensive than buying a used one; that’s standard but buying second-hand might get you a mini excavator with extra attachments included for a lower price.  

Ultimately, like with any major purchase, your decision will be dictated by your budget. Think about your return on investment – will a new excavator allow you to work efficiently, saving you money on repairs in the long run? Or is it better for you to buy second-hand to save a significant amount of money in the short term?


Project Scope

What will you be using the mini excavator for? Consider the overall scope of your business when deciding between a new and a used machine and not just the current job. If you are a paver and need to excavate large amounts of earth daily, investing in a new machine might be in your best interests. If you are an owner/builder looking to do some once-off levelling on your block, it might be more prudent to buy second-hand.  



A new mini excavator is likely to be equipped with the latest technology, offer better fuel efficiency, and promise increased productivity. However, depending on what you need the equipment for, all the latest bells and whistles might be unnecessary.


Which way are you leaning: new or used?

Whether you opt for a new mini digger or a used mini digger, careful thought and honest analysis of your specific needs will help you make the right decision. A new mini digger or excavator will likely come with a warranty, while a used machine may not. Do a little research to see what is available on the market, both new and used, to help decided which option is right for you.


Why choose Mini Digger WA to buy your mini digger in Perth, WA?

We stock a full range of new and used Viking Mini Loaders for sale and are experienced in mini digger sales. Contact us today, and let’s chat about how we can help you find the perfect new or used mini digger or mini excavator.


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