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The Benefits of Kanga Mini Loaders

Kanga mini loaders are the smaller versions of regular-sized diggers. They are mainly used for jobs that are behind obstacles such as garages and gates which make using normal loaders impractical and unnecessary. Overcoming these obstacles is what the Kanga brand does best, with its state of the art Kanga mini loader helping hundreds of Australians complete their DIY projects every day since 1981.


Access to narrow areas

As previously mentioned, Kanga’s range of mini loaders are much smaller in size compared to diggers that many of us would see driving past road works. They can easily enter small residential and commercial areas, narrow streets and tight entry points in order to dig, drill, blade and back-blade whatever needs to be done. On smaller worksites, the Kanga mini loader is much easier to maneuver than larger diggers – significantly minimising the risks to everyone else on the site.


A range of attachments and parts

Kanga’s extensive range of attachments means that users can utilise their machine for many different tasks. Used for a number of industries such as construction, landscaping, fencing, farming & more. Kanga attachments include;

  • Augers

Drills holes. Variations can dig from 100mm to 450mm in diameter and 970mm to 1070mm in length.

  • Ripper Hook

Breaks up hard, rocky ground and pulls up old pavers.

  • Tow Hinch

Moves caravans, trailers and water vehicle trailers.

  • Carryall Leveller

Transports large/ heavy items. Flattens/ levels topsoil.

  • Hydraulic Angle Blade

Pushes loose soil. Can be controlled to move left and right.

  • Lawn Aerator

24 hollow tines to aerate soil. Weights are available to increase downward pressure for deeper digs.

  • Rotary Tiller

Turns tough, compacted soil into a soft garden bed.

Mixes up to 70L of concrete at a time.

Digs trenches in tight, hard to reach areas.

Designed to carry large shrubs and bushes.

  • Bucket Broom

Sweeps and stores worksite debris. Can reverse rotate to push gravel.

  • Power Head

Bores post holes and drives mixing bowl for concrete.

  • Rubble Bucket

Rids unwanted sticks and stones from the soil with its sive-like features.

  • 4-in-1 Bucket

A multi-purpose attachment that front blades, back blades and scoops dirt. Can also grab and carry large/ heavy items. Effective for shaping the soil.

  • Bucket Standard

Complete with high tensile teeth and a wide-open tray, this attachment can dig through and carry the most tricky of materials.

As well as this extensive list of attachments, Mini Digger WA also offers a wide range of Kanga loader parts that include hydraulic pumps, engine service kits and charging coils. We also have a range of Kanga mini loader tyres if you are in need of a replacement or repair.

If you are in need of parts or tyres for your Kanga mini loader you can browse for the exact item you need here.


Time and Cost savings

The Kanga mini loader’s smaller size makes it quite an efficient tool. Operators don’t have to climb over attachments to access it, which can be physically draining, unsafe and time-consuming. With an easy to access entry point, the equipment makes it possible to hop on and off quickly and safely. This saves much time and effort during jobs and projects.

Kanga mini loaders also heavily reduce labour costs and equipment hire. This is because the one device can carry out countless different jobs with only one person required to operate it. Operators also don’t need expensive training as this machine does not require any to use it. Workers are more likely to be able to work longer hours as they will be less tired because the machine bears much of the physical labour that is usually required.


Available to rent or buy

Think a Kanga mini loader is the right tool for your job? We offer Kanga’s for purchase or for rent. If you only need a Kanga for a one-off job, our quotes are incredibly fairly priced for the sheer amount of work they can do.


Why choose Mini Digger?

Get your Kanga mini loader today, this is truly the Swiss army knife of building tools and will save you countless hours of labour and hiring fees – get the job done ASAP!

For more information on mini loaders or Kanga products, contact us today on info@minidiggerwa.com.au, give us a call on 08 6162 1213 or visit our contact page.

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