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Rent a Dingo has a range of hire equipment available to make landscaping, paving and other projects easier.

Don’t buy tools and saws you’ll only use once and then leave to rust away in your shed. Hiring reliable equipment will save you money and ensure you’ve got access to the right tools for the job.

Whether you need a single brick saw or turf cutter, or combine your selection with one of our mini digger hire packages, we offer a cost effective way to meet your equipment needs.

We provide:

  • A range of reliable hire equipment suitable for most landscaping and paving jobs and more
  • Free and fast delivery and pick up across Perth if included in any mini digger hire packages
  • Expert advice to help you choose the right equipment for your job
  • Flexible rates for consecutive days
  • Easy payment options


  • Compactors

     — Tough general purpose compactors suitable for brick paving, soil, turf and asphalt. Handy for use in under slab compaction and driveway construction.

  • Saws

     — Chose a high performance industrial brick saw with folding stand, carry handles and wheel kit or find out about our other saws for concrete and floors.

  • Core drills

     — Ideal for installing piping or drilling holes in concrete or walls.

  • Trowelling machines

     — Used to finish off concrete surfaces such as slabs and driveways.

  • Jackhammers

     — Suitable for demolition work, tile lifting or cutting bitumen and concrete.

  • Vertical rammers

     — Used to compact backfill in trenches and footings.

  • Turf cutters

     — Used to remove old lawn or lift good turf for relaying.

  • Rollers

     — A range of rollers to compact and consolidate materials including soil, sand and other granular material.

Mini Diggers WA offer an express mobile servicing for your Mini Digger, Dingo or Viking Loader

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