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Mini Digger Lifting Capacity Charts

mini digger lift capacity

Your project is ready to go, it’s scoped out, and you have an idea of how much earth you need to shift. So how do you decided which digger to use to complete the project? The choice you make can comes down to how much each digger can lift, as this will outline the efficiency of each machine. Do you go with a larger lift capacity to get the material moved more quickly, or are you restricted by accessibility issues, needing to use a smaller machine in a tight space? You need to consult the machine’s lifting capacity chart to help you make that decision.


Read on to learn more about lifting capacity charts and the safety of your machines.


What limits the lifting capacity of a mini digger?


Two factors limit the lifting capacity of mini diggers or excavators:


  1. Hydraulic capacity: the point the excavator runs out of hydraulic power or stalls.
  2. Tipping capacity: the moment the excavator begins to tip or lift off the ground.


Manufacturers stringently test mini diggers to determine how much weight they can lift safely. These tests include measuring abilities at various heights and distances from the machine’s centreline. The details are recorded and form the basis of individual lift charts. Typically printed in the machine’s Operation and Maintenance Manual and are often also displayed within the operator’s sightline to ensure adherence to the guidelines.


Calculating lift capacity

Your mini digger’s lift chart provides information about how to keep you safe when operating the machinery. For a mini digger or excavator, this chart may include boom and arm length, the weight of the standard bucket, and the weight of the quick coupler (if standard). Most lift capacities assume the mini digger is located on a flat, level working surface.


Your responsibility as the machine operator is to understand these lift charts apply them to the job at hand. Once the job specifics (configuration and reach required) are understood, select the appropriate table, and identify the lifting capacity. These limits may require adjustments by the operator to accommodate differences in the hitch and implement weights.


Which machine should you choose?

It’s easy to hire or use a mini digger or mini excavator when you choose Mini Digger WA. However, it’s important to remember there are inherent risks whenever you are controlling a piece of heavy machinery. Accidents can occur on any site, and we recommend everyone reads the machinery manual, undertakes thorough safety checks, and most importantly, stays alert.


If you are unsure about which digger to choose for your project, give us a call and talk to one of our experienced team members. We’ll help you get sorted out.


Why choose Mini Digger WA for your mini digger in Perth, WA?

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