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Your Guide to Digger Attachments

When you buy or hire a mini digger/dingo from Minidigger WA, you don’t just hire one piece of machinery; you quickly become spoilt for choice with available attachments from our range.

Mini diggers are small pieces of equipment to begin with, with most attachments increasing the size and transforming the appearance of your mini digger.

But an attachment for a mini digger does more than just enhance the features of the machinery; it can actually add an entirely different functionality to your mini digger.

Digger Attachments

Whether you’ve jumped on the garden renovation bandwagon and need to do an excavation or you’re preparing for winter by shifting logs or demolishing that old outhouse, Minidigger WA are your one stop shop!

Attachments for your mini digger/dingo shouldn’t be complex or bulky, they should be simple, effective and rugged to endure even the toughest construction projects.

Digger attachments from Dingo and Digga, available through Minidigger WA, enhance your mini digger/dingo, allowing you to lift, handle, drill and dig your way through any project.

Dingo Attachments

At Minidigger WA, we stock an extensive range of Dingo attachments to suit the mini diggers that we hire and sell to our clients.

You will generally find buckets as a standard attachment with all diggers you hire, with a variety of bucket types, sizes and capacities available, depending on your needs.

In the Minidigger WA range, we stock heavy duty, grapple, mini loader and standard dingo bucket attachments for your mini digger hire.

If you need an attachment for your heavy-duty projects, particularly to crack cold, dense ground, you may need something more than a heavy-duty bucket.

Postborer Attachment

To make easy work of those heavy-duty projects, you need a heavy-duty attachment like a post borer attachment.

Postborer attachments from Digga make it easier to crack through the dense ground and bore through all soil types, so they can be used with your mini digger to drill fence posts and plant shrubs.

Minidigger WA has post borer attachments ranging from 100mm to 450mm to suit most types of digging conditions and ground types.


As the name suggests, a trencher attachment is used on a mini digger to make trenches or if you’re so inclined, they are also great at removing tree roots

Using a trencher attachment on a mini digger/dingo is a better option than using a full-sized digger to do the same job, as a mini digger uses less fuel.

Digga’s mini trencher attachment has a digging depth of up to 900mm and a width of 200mm, with an adjustable skid foot to maintain constant digging depth.

Call Minidigger WA to speak to our friendly team about our Digger Attachments

Are you ready to take your mini digger to the next level with our range of digger attachments?

At Minidigger WA, we stock a high quality range of digger attachments from reputable brands such as Digga and Dingo to help you with your next project.

Contact us today to arrange a quote for an attachment or package to suit your digging needs.

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