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Hiring a mini loader? Here’s What You Need to Know

Thinking of hiring a mini loader? Chances are that you’re planning some backyard renovations or have a few jobs to do. Whatever it is, you’re probably thinking that an oversized digger is probably too big, and a shovel is far too small – which is what makes a mini loader the perfect tool for your next job.


What are Mini Loaders Used For?

Often when people are earth-moving or levelling soil around their homes there are tight squeezes to get through such as garages and gates. This is where mini loaders come in handy as they are perfect for projects where regular-sized loaders or skid steers are either impractical or unnecessary. Mini loaders are also used as a substitute for several machines because of the attachments they have available.


Multiple Interchangeable Attachments 

Mini loaders have a wide range of interchangeable attachments available which means they can be used for many different types of jobs. For projects that are located in sandy or muddy areas, some mini loaders come as tracked versions to account for the loss of traction as the normal version with wheels might get bogged. Mini loader attachments include;

  • The 4-in-1 bucket: Has the ability to scoop soil up to 125kg. It also has the ability to grab large items and blade, as well as back blade areas, to level out the soil. A great tool for shaping the land.
  • Trencher: Able to dig trenches up to 150mm wide and 1m deep. Perfect for when laying cables and pipes.
  • Rotary hoe attachment: Enables users to overturn compressed soil over a large area. A handy attachment for making the soil suitable for new plants or turf to grow effectively.
  • Posthole digger: Can create holes that are up to 600mm in diameter and 1m deep. With an auger extension, this digger can dig up to 2m deep. A great attachment for digging holes for beams and columns that will support outdoor roofs and fences.

The attachments listed above are all easily interchangeable. This means that a mini loader can handle multiple projects, or one big project, all on its own.


What to Know Before Operating a Mini Loader

Mini loaders are incredibly easy to run and require no special license to operate either, unlike over-sized diggers.


Safety first

When operating a mini loader, it’s of vital importance that you keep yourself, and those around you safe. You can do so by making sure you wear the correct safety equipment such as a protective face mask, eye protection, earmuffs and gloves. You should also endeavour to keep your work area clear while you’re using the machine to avoid family or friends getting injured.


Understand How to Operate the Machine First

Before getting started, you must take the time to understand how to use all the features of the loader and any attachments you’re using correctly. The first thing to understand is that mini loaders are operated from a standing position on a platform at the back of the machine in order to give the user an appropriate view of what they’re doing.

The four controls that mini loaders possess consist of two which are used to drive and steer, and another two which operate the attachments. If you want to drive forward, simply push the two drive leavers forward, and to drive backwards, simply pull the two drive leavers back.

Turning is quite simple once you get the hang of it and is achieved by pushing and pulling the two leavers in two different directions, depending on which way you would like to turn.

If you aren’t needing to drive the machine forward or backwards while using the attachments, you can divert a lot of its power to the hydraulic speed control. This gives full power to any attachment you are using, speeding up the process.

Before turning the mini loader on, make sure the parking brake is on and the throttle on the low setting. To start the mini loader, it’s a matter of simply putting the key into its ignition and turning it.


Why Choose Mini Digger?

Diggers such as our Toro mini loader are one of the easiest and most versatile home DIY machines that exist – guaranteed to make your next project a piece of cake.

Here at Mini Digger WA, we are experts on the Western Australian landscape and have years of knowledge to help you make the right choice on what products you need, for whatever job you need doing.

For more information on mini loader hire or to arrange a quote contact us today on info@minidiggerwa.com.au, give us a call on 08 6162 1213 or visit: https://www.minidiggerwa.com.au/contact/


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