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Do I Need a Mini Excavator?

When you take on a new project, it can be so easy to get caught up in trying to use the latest and greatest machinery available – even if it isn’t necessarily the best machinery for the job.

Mini excavators have surged in popularity over the years as more people begin to understand all of the benefits associated with using these compact, rugged machines.

Don’t be fooled – while mini excavators may be dwarfed by their full-sized counterparts, they are deceptively versatile and can still take on your smaller heavy duty projects!


What is a Mini Excavator?

An excavator is a typically a large machine used for digging and moving earth, generally consisting of a cab, boom, stick and bucket.

Excavators are commonly used in industries such as mining and construction, as they can provide the power and grunt to simplify a variety of tasks that require heavy lifting.

However, when you don’t need a full-sized digger, or you have a limited amount of space to work with, a mini excavator is a great choice.

Mini excavators are in high demand because of their compact nature, which makes them easier to transport, more energy efficient and much more versatile for use on smaller sites than the larger versions.

Despite their small size, mini excavators can use a variety of attachments, including auger drill bits, buckets and trenchers, ensuring that they can tackle small to medium sized earthworks projects.


Mini Digger or Excavator?

While both a mini excavator and mini diggers may share the same general purpose and are both easy to use, several differences in the machinery build will determine which type best suits your project.


Mini Excavator

If you need more reach and more grunt from your machinery, you should opt for a mini excavator.

Excavators are designed to undertake a range of commercial and industrial applications such as digging holes and trenches, clearing debris and lifting heavy loads.


Mini Digger

However, if you only need to lift smaller loads or are undertaking a small landscaping job, a mini digger/dingo might be a better choice.

Mini diggers make earthmoving easy; they can be used in restricted or limited spaces for a range of applications, including the removal of soil and rubble from overly sandy and boggy areas.

Thanks to their small size, mini diggers also have lower operating costs and easier manoeuvrability than their larger versions.



A major drawcard of the mini excavator is its compact size, which allows it to be highly manoeuvrable in tight spaces where a regular excavator wouldn’t stand a chance.

With its boom allowing it to reach into nooks and crannies, there is less need to alter or demolish buildings or structures to access the debris or rubble to be cleared.

These mini machines are also lighter and thanks to their smaller overall size, they can be easily transported from one destination to the next.


Small Footprint

The mini excavator has a much smaller environmental footprint than regular excavators do, as it takes less fuel to run.

Another benefit of the smaller engine is that is also much quieter to run than its larger counterpart!


Mini Digger Hire Perth

Whether you’re planning your next weekend project or you need to hire a mini digger/dingo for your work, look no further than Minidigger WA.

Contact our friendly team on 1300 46 46 43 to book a mini excavator today.

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