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Choosing the Right Mini Digger For Your Project

Whether you are taking on a new project or you have ongoing projects that need a mini digger, it is important to know that you are using the right machinery for your job.

Once you’ve confirmed you need a mini digger/dingo, you need to source that machinery from a business you can trust, who can also provide you with the expert advice you need to get your job done safely and efficiently.

At Minidigger WA, we specialise in mini digger/dingo sales, hire and service to suit all of your needs.

What is a Mini Digger?

A mini digger is a versatile piece of equipment that performs in situations where workspace or access limits the use of larger machinery.

These compact machines are more efficient than their larger counterparts and can be used for all sorts of tasks, including digging, trenching and even demolition work both on your worksite and at your home.

Assess Your Project

An easy way to determine the mini digger you need is to assess the scope of your project from start to finish.

Before it comes time to choose a mini digger, prepare by establishing the location where the digging will take place and measure up the areas where the digger will need to pass through.

Once you have your measurements relating to the area, you should be able to roughly estimate the weight of the material to be moved; this will guide your choice when it comes to mini digger hire.

If you are undertaking a significant project, particularly one that requires large amounts of earthmoving, you can also hire add-ons for the mini digger to make light work of the situation.

Dingo Mini Digger

At Minidigger WA, hiring a Dingo mini digger is an effective way for you to save money and time on your next project.

The most recent version, the Dingo K9-3, is a much-anticipated update of the world-leading Dingo 950. The Dingo K9-3 has now become the most popular mini digger/dingo in Australia, and for good reason too.

The latest model uses the tried and tested specifications of the Dingo 950 model and incorporates rubber tyres to make your ride less bumpy, or for those really tough to access spots in soft sand, rubber tracks can be added to stop you from getting bogged.

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Viking Workmate

The Viking Workmate mini earthmover is the new kid on the block. In some areas, it definitely outperforms the Dingo mini digger K9-3 but as a whole, it is a great alternative to the Dingo mini digger.

If you are looking for a mini digger that is 100% Australian made and is narrower and faster than the Dingo mini digger, the Viking Workmate may be your top choice.



Toro 323

If you’re on the hunt for a mini digger that works better in cold conditions or is great for those sandy jobs, the Toro 323 is right up your alley.

The Toro 323 has been designed to suit Australian conditions, with labour-saving wheeled models providing effortless manoeuvrability with a high power to weight ratio.

The 23 HP Kohler petrol engine powers this compact loader to reach two ground speeds, helping you to get the job done more efficiently.


Mini Digger Hire

For mini digger hire in Perth, you can’t go past Minidigger WA!

At Minidigger WA, we offer short and long term hire on an extensive range of mini diggers, including the Dingo and Viking range; you will also find a range of Dingo attachments for hire within the Perth metropolitan area.
Contact Minidigger WA today to arrange a quote or get more information about our range of mini diggers for hire. Phone 1300 46 46 43 to speak with one of our experienced team members to get your project moving.

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