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Have a Landscaping Project in Midland, Midvale, or Mundaring? Hire Mini Digger and Excavator Equipment from This Company

Not every job for your landscaping or construction business will require the use of heavy machinery like mini diggers and excavators so it may not be cost effective for you to purchase your own. Luckily for your staff and you, there’s a local company that offers diggers, excavators, mini loaders, and dump trucks for hire so that you can complete your jobs faster while keeping your profit margins high. While purchasing these pieces of machinery could easily cost upwards of $20,000, you can hire the same high-quality machines starting at around $170 per day. How? Talk to our team at Mini Digger WA.

At Mini Digger WA, companies in the Midland, Midvale, and Mundaring areas can hire equipment and machinery from us at reasonable prices for as long as it takes to complete a landscaping or construction job. Through our hiring services, you’ll speed up your job completion time and lower your operating costs, allowing for more profits to go into your business. Landscaping companies often feel the need to purchase these expensive mini diggers and Dingos even though they’re not necessary for every job. There simply aren’t many companies that offer this type of equipment for hire, but you’ll be pleased to know that we do.

If You’re in Mundaring, Midland, or Midvale, Hire Equipment Like These Dingo Mini Diggers

The construction and landscaping industries often use Dingo mini versions of heavy machinery. Unlike their larger, harder-to-operate versions, Dingo mini diggers and excavators allow for use in small access and narrow areas. For example, you often need to do landscaping in the alleys between buildings. These projects, when they involve digging trenches or moving soil, benefits from the use of diggers and excavators. However, the larger versions of these machines probably can’t fit in these spaces. Dingo diggers, with their slim form factors, are a perfect fit.

While these mini machines are smaller than their heavier counterparts, they don’t sacrifice power and performance for their convenient size. These are still versatile machines that can handle major landscaping and construction jobs. The Dingo mini excavators have a wide range of attachments for a multitude of applications, including stump grinding, trenching, and soil moving. For companies all around Australia, Dingo machinery has made landscaping in small, hard-to-navigate areas much easier and less time-consuming. When your business needs heavy machinery in these smaller spaces, hire our equipment at Mini Digger WA.

About Us

Since 2002, we’ve operated in the Perth area, providing Western Australia with a wide range of machinery for hire as well as part and attachment sales, and equipment repairs. Today, we have the region’s largest fleet of miniloaders and have worked with countless companies whenever they need our equipment. Whether you’re in the Midvale, Mundaring, or Midland area, hire equipment from us for any landscaping or construction job, and you’ll get fast reliable service.

For more information on our entire range of miniloaders, parts, and repair services, call our offices on 08 6162 1213 or fill out our contact form here.