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Dingo Hire Kalamunda – Avoid Dingo Mini Digger Down Time


Your team is in the middle of a construction or excavation project when your mini digger breaks down. You are confident that you can salvage and fix the equipment. Unfortunately, you are also on a tight project deadline, and every minute you spend worrying about your mini digger is a moment lost towards timely job completion. What do you do?

The best course of action in a situation like this is to consider a Dingo hire Kalamunda. Renting a mini digger for the remainder of your project—or at least until you can get your digger fixed—will save you time and allow you to salvage your deadline. The question is, where can you go for a Kalamunda dingo hire?

Minidigger WA: Your Source for Dingo Hire Kalamunda

If you need a Dingo mini digger hire in Kalamunda, look no further than Minidigger WA. We have been in the mini digger hire industry since 2002. Today, we can proudly claim Western Australia’s largest fleet of mini loaders. If you need a piece of equipment to get through your project by the deadline, Minidigger WA should be your first stop.

Though we started out exclusively as a Western Australia mini digger rental company, we have since grown and expanded our operation. A few years ago, we started seeing that there was a void in the parts, servicing and repairs market for Dingo equipment and other brands of mini diggers. Companies using these vehicles on their worksites could only really go to the manufacturers for parts or servicing. The result was a slow repair process at a premium price. Neither factor was conducive to productive, timely or profitable work.

We figured our background in Kalamunda Dingo hires made us an excellent candidate to fill the marketplace void. Now, we offer full servicing, repairs, and part replacements for mini digger machines.

Minidigger WA: Dingo machine repair

If your mini digger breaks down, the dual services available at Minidigger WA are ideal for minimising your downtime and disruption. The moment your Dingo goes down, give us a call. We will get you set up with a temporary Dingo hire Kalamunda so that your team can keep working. We will also get to work on your existing mini digger, diagnosing the problem and figuring out the best fix. Our goal is to get your mini digger back in action as quickly as possible.

Satisfy All Your Mini Digger Needs under One Roof

Part of the frustration of having an equipment breakdown on the job is that you need to go to a few different places to get a fix. You might need to take the digger to one place for a repair and then go to an entirely separate business to get a Dingo mini digger hire in Kalamunda.

At Minidigger WA, you can satisfy both of those needs under one roof. We will rent you a temporary mini digger, service your existing model and do it all as quickly as possible. With our help, you can cut your downtime by 90%, maximise your productivity and meet your deadline, all without torpedoing your profit margins. Call 08 6162 1213 to learn more.