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kohler engine choke repair kit

Kohler Engine Choke Repair Kit



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Kohler Engine Choke Repair Kit.

This is the complete repair kit to fix your choke mechanism on your kohler engine carbie ,suits dingo,boxer and toro with the kohler engine.

You find over time the plastic housing that the choke linkage attaches to breaks and makes the choke unusable,also the choke shaft wears resulting in rough engine idle.

Minidigger WA sales ,parts & servicing has been servicing and repairing dingo, kanga, boxer and other minidiggers for 14years.In those years it has maintained Dingo Loader Hires & Rentadingo large fleet of mini loaders.

With the lack of businesses who offer parts ,servicing and repairs to your Dingo, Toro, Boxer and other brands of minidiggers in Perth at a affordable price, Minidigger WA saw a void in the parts, servicing & repairs field and with the help of Minidigger Wholesale is offering full servicing, repairs, tyres and parts for your machine.

Our aim is to provide our customers fast and reliable service so that your Dingo or minidigger is out of action for the least possible time. All our work and spare parts are guaranteed.




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