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hydraulic pump dingo

Hydraulic Pump Dingo K93 – Tandem Pump


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Hydraulic pump Dingo K93 – Caproni Tandem pump 11.2cc & 3.1cc

This is the tandem pump with single inlet (suction port) to suit  the Dingo K9-3 diesel.

Minidigger WA stocks the full range of hydraulic pumps for your dingo and other brands of minidiggers,including kanga,toro,boxer and viking.

If your machine is loosing hydraulic power and has over 1000 hrs on the clock, the pumps may need replacing. The test for this is a flow and pressure test. If your machine cannot maintain the flow and pressure at specified levels you may have a worn hydraulic pump. Hydraulic gear pumps will last on average between 1000 and 2000 hrs. Life can be shortened if the hydraulic oil is contaminated or overheated.

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