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Hydraulic Oil – Valvoline ISO 68 20lts


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This is the recommended ISO 68 oil for both Dingo and Kanga Mini Loaders. Many issues associated with excessive heat and loss of hydraulic power can contributed to using the incorrect hydraulic oil or contaminated oil.
The hydraulic oil’s ability to transfer power will deterioate over time and with contamination. The oil along with the filters should be changed every 500 hours or earlier if contamination occurs.

Dingo 950 and K9-3 mini loaders have approx. 60 litres of hydraulic oil.
Dingo K9-4 mini loaders have approx. 90 litres of hydraulic oil.
Dingo Contractor mini loaders have approx. 76 litres of hydraulic oil.
Kanga 5, 6 & 7 Series loaders have approx. 72 litres of hydraulic oil.
Kanga 8 Series mini loaders have approx. 92 litres of hydraulic oil.

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